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Terms and Conditions of viewing any images within any of these folders:

By opening any of the folders to view proofs, means you agree and will abide by these T&C's. If found not doing so, HARSH PENALTIES WILL APPLY! All photos are subject to copyright until purchased. Watermarked photos are NOT to be saved, screenshot, downloaded etc! Anyone seen doing so, penalties will apply. CaptureDatPhotography are professional photographers. They stand out at events ALL DAY, RAIN, HAIL or SHINE to capture photos of the competitors. This is a privilege to you as competitors; HOWEVER, this does NOT give you permission to use WATERMARKED IMAGES for personal use!

They are WATERMARKED due to being PROOFS ONLY! Proofs allow you as the purchaser to view and decide which photo/s to purchase.  Purchasing images is easy, prices are affordable and reasonable. Once payment has cleared, which takes usually 1-2 business days, you will receive your photos via a Dropbox link. This is where you then have permission to save and download your photos.  

To purchase images please click on the Pay Now under Menu. All photos for $75.00 in High Resolution or singles from $9.50 web use only, $12.00 Low Resolution or $20.00 High Resolution.

All photos on this website are captured by CaptureDatPhotography and are subject to copyright. Anyone seen using any of CaptureDatPhotography's photos without permission will be dealt with accordingly.