Pre - Pay - CaptureDatPhotography

Priority Pay! (Per rider)

Book in to ensure that you will get photos at this event.

If you pre pay for photos you will receive:

All photos of you and your horse captured by CaptureDatPhotography. Photos will be of Highest Resolution (digital files) sent to you within 24-48 hrs after the end of the event via a Dropbox link. 

To priority pay please enter your rider number and email address and then click on the Pay Now icon. Look forward to seeing you out competing! 

*This is valid for priority pay purchases only. Per rider. If you don't currently have your rider number you can put NA or TBA as long as we have your full name then we can use the draw as a reference.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchases made after the event, prices increase.

Choose option:
Email Address:
Rider Name and Back Number:

Sponsored Rider 2019: Bessie Dimery


Sponsored Rider 2019: Stacey Briggs


Sponsored Rider 2019: Harriet Eaton


Sponsored Rider 2019: Jorja Clarke

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