2018 Ambassadors - CaptureDatPhotography

Take a look at our Ambassadors this year and keep up with their great successes.


Pictured above are 2 of our ambassador riders: Stacey Briggs & Bessie Dimery @ Avenal HT 2018.

Stacey competed on 2 horses Marengo Valentino & Little Napoleon 

Marengo Valentino did a nice dressage test, with one rail in SJ and a few time penalties in XC to finish 7th overall in the EvA105 class.

Little Napoleon only did the dressage in the CNC* class due to pulling up a little sore.

Bessie Dimery competed on 4 horses, Ruban Son, Sandhills Style, Nafees & Tullows High Jinx

Ruban Son did a nice dressage test, clear SJ with just a couple of time penalties to finish 2nd overall in the CNC** class.

Sandhills Style did a lovely dressage test with an unfortunate stop on XC and time penalties and was withdrawn from SJ in the CNC* class.

Nafees did a super dressage test but unfortunely was eliminated in XC in the EvA105 class.

Tullows High Jinx did a calm dressage test, clear and under time SJ & XC to finish on their dressage score in the EvA95 for 6th place overall.

Ambassador Photos

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