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Book in to ensure that you will get photos at this event.

If you pre pay for photos you will receive:

All photos of you and your horse captured by CMEventingPhotography. Photos will be of Highest Resolution (digital files) sent to you within 24-48 hrs after the end of the event via a Dropbox link. 

To pre pay please enter your rider number and email address and then click on the Pay Now icon. Look forward to seeing you out competing! 

*This is valid for pre pay purchases only. Per rider/horse. If you don't currently have your rider number you can put NA or TBA as long as we have your full name then we can use the draw as a reference.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchases made after the event, prices increase.

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Sponsored Rider 2017: Bessie Dimery riding Ruban Son

Sponsored Rider 2016/17: Stacey Briggs - Little Napoleon

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